A Star Wars Party & Mikey is 6!


Mikey, 6 years ago, you made me a mother. In these 6 years, you have taught me more about life and love than I could have ever imagined. You showed me the importance of gentleness, the power of words, the beauty of the every day. Your thoughtfulness makes me think, and your compassion has softened my own heart. You challenge me to see the world in a different light, because that world will one day belong to you. Your strong spirit, your intelligence, your kind heart, and your silly humor add so much to our family, and I am forever grateful to be your mother. Mama and Daddy love you!!!!

Excuse my mama moment, but that needed to happen. 😉
Anyway, like pretty much every 6-year-old boy right now, he’s obsessed with Star Wars, and requested a Star Wars theme for his birthday party. We only do “big” parties for 1, 5, 10, but every birthday deserves a celebration. Also – who am I kidding – I absolutely love putting little theme parties together. 😆

Mikey asked for a Darth Maul costume. He put it on as soon as we gave it to him, and started acting all tough. Ha.


A few free food labels found on Pinterest, some Dollar Tree decorations, and DIY Jedi robes made him the happiest kid around… and kept things nice and easy for me! #winning

Table photos! 😉







I found an “easy DIY pattern” for jedi robes, which of course, wouldn’t have been easy for me at all.  I can’t sew to save my life. But I took the pattern to my aunt, who whipped up a whole bunch of robes with her usual awesomeness. Huge hit with the kids. Lucas offered to model one for you. 😉






So many smiles, so much laughter, and another day of memories added to my mama heart.
Happy Birthday, son of mine. You are so very, very loved!!



Superheroes…and My Son is 5!!!

It only took me 3 months to post this but heyyy, better late than never, right? Also known as, mommy-can-only-do-so-much-even-on-15-cups-of-coffee-and-blogging-became-lower-priority. Ha! 😀  This whole day, though, was so happy and full of wonderful memories, I knew I had to record it on here.

Over this past year, Mikey became obsessed with superheroes so it was no surprise when he requested a superhero birthday party. Some of you may recall from that unexpectedly popular post back in March that he specifically requested Batman as a party guest. (He later added Iron Man and Captain America to that list.) Now, here’s the thing. I know it’s kind of become trendy to throw giant parties every year, preferably with built-in “entertainment” for the kids, and that’s totally fine if that’s how your family rolls. For us, we have a general plan of “big” parties for ages 1, 5, 10, 16, and the other birthdays as definitely special, but more low-key.

Well, this birthday was a #5, and I have to tell you it was hard to say who was most excited about it all – Mikey, me or Hubby. 😛 In our usual way, we did a little DIY, a little store shopping, and a whole lot of Pinterest.

And here are the photos! 😀

Not even going to lie, Hubby totally stole the show with his DIY cityscapes. I had seen a very simple cardboard one painted black on Pinterest, which I showed Hubby. But he was all, “Awww, come on, sweetheart, I want to use MAN tools, and some ARTISTRY!” I very wisely left him to it, and we ended up with this:

Mikey's 5th

Mikey's 5th

I mean…!!!! This is why I love him. One of the many reasons. 😉


While we’re at the table, I kept things very simple food-wise – chicken nuggets for the kids and wings for the adults, shrimp cocktail, a fruit platter (aka Captain America’s shield!), salsa & chips, and cupcakes for dessert. The cupcakes were (in my mind) a pretty ridiculous splurge for a kid party, but seeing all those kids go wild over them definitely justified it. Right? (Just say yes. Thank you.)


I downloaded the Avengers birthday banner from Etsy and printed the comic words for free. I got the tablecloth, and blue streamy things at Party City, the cups from Target, and the yellow lanterns from Amazon. The Marvel hero figures Mikey had been collecting for a while, and got a couple more as birthday gifts.




But wait, there’s so much more fun! 😀 😀 😀

Mikey's 5th

I found these paper masks on Amazon, and threw in a couple plastic ones we already had. My aunt whipped up a whole bunch of superhero capes in various colors, so when the kids arrived, they chose their hero mask and cape for the party. (These doubled as favors, and they were a huge hit with the littles. Highly recommend if you’re ever doing a superhero party. They were wearing their capes for weeks afterward. haha) PS, yes, Hubby also made mini skyscapers out of shoeboxes. I.Cant.Even. ❤

In case you were wondering… yes, the Superheroes came to Mikey’s party!!! 😀


Hubby had the brilliant idea to put on a robber mask and run into the party chased by the heroes, which was all very exciting and was reenacted several times over the rest of the day. 😛



I am sure there are people for “hire” to play characters at kid parties, but we were incredibly blessed by 3 friends offering to do it for Mikey… and putting on an absolutely epic performance. (Thank you all again. You’re wonderful!)

Some more party moments…


















All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful day, full of precious memories and lots of happy faces. Like with so many things, I love that we all had as much fun with the process of creating as we did at the actual event. Happy, Happy Birthday, my baby boy. You might be “too old to say Mama now” (sniff sniff) but you will always be my baby! Mommy and Daddy love you! 🙂


xoxo, Anna

Monster Birthday


My baby boy turns 4 tomorrow. AHHHHHH! Where did the time go? Actually, let’s not go there. I might get weepy. Instead –  here are all the fun details about his little birthday party!!


As usual, I kept things pretty simple. We did a backyard play date-style party with pizza for the main course. Mikey had a theme request for the first time this year – Mike and Sulley/Monsters University – which was a fun and easy theme to DIY, thanks to my bffs – Dollar Tree and Target dollar section. 😉







Mike & Sulley Cupcakes:



I’ll be honest, being 35 weeks pregnant, I was totally going to hire someone to make the cupcakes for me. And then I got a price. Gasp. Yeah, I made my own. haha Nowhere near as perfect as a professional’s, but luckily the kids didn’t seem to mind… and Mikey definitely approved! 😛



And best of all… for the first time ever, IT DIDN’T RAIN ON MIKEY’S BIRTHDAY PARTY! 😀

xoxo, Anna





Snowman Party

Snowman Party (House to Home)

We did a snowman theme last week. Cuz I’m all original like that and do a snowman theme in January. 😉 But anyways… the babies loved it! So to help break through the winter mommy blues, I decided we’d have a kiddie snowman party, complete with snowman food and activities.

Disclaimer, as with most things teaching-related, I use Pinterest for creativity. This was no exception. I basically copied an idea I saw on Pinterest, just subbing healthier foods where I could easily do so.

We ended up with this spread for our munchies:

 snowmanparty2   snowmanparty6  snowmanparty1   snowmanparty3   snowmanparty4

…and then we used contact paper on the door, with cotton balls/swabs/rounds to make snowmen and snowflakes!


Snowman Party

Last, we all gathered round to read “Snowmen at Work,” before starting free play… and mommy chat time! 😉

Snowman Party

All very simple, which made it lots of fun for babies AND mommies! 😉 One of the many things I love about Pinterest as a visual aid. It helps me put something together sooo easily and inexpensively, without sacrificing the thrills and excitement a mommy likes to bring her babies now and then! 😀 Something I’m finding more and more as a mommy to littles is that they really never notice the stuff adults do, like what dishes you use, or what brand the juice is. They see the colors and patterns and taste the yumminess and the excitement of it all is what adds to their happiness. So it makes sense to me to make preparations simple and kid-friendly, while still bringing in the creative side that both babies and I can thrill over.

Maybe January isn’t so awful after all! 😉

xoxo, Anna